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The Dr. Joseph L. Henry Scholarship is named after Dr. Joseph L. Henry (May 2, 1924 - October 11, 2011. Dr. Henry served as Dean of both Howard University College of Dentistry and Harvard School of Dental Medicine. He earned his undergraduate degree at Xavier University, his dental degree at Howard and a PhD from the University of Illinois, all by age 26. He was the valedictorian of his class at all levels of his studies.

Dr. Henry rose quickly to prominence upon joining the faculty at Howard. After being named Dean in 1966, he was appointed to various White House Conferences, including: Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health; Conference on Employment of the Handicapped, and Conference on International Relations. Dr. Henry served as a mentor to many. He embodied the words, “make the best of it” and to “pull yourself together, focus and apply your skills.”

This award in the honor of Dr. Joseph L. Henry is given to up to five incoming freshman dental students that show promise in embodying the values and work ethic of Dr. Henry. It is a $2000 renewable award for the four years of matriculation.

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